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Express Detail Service While you Wait or Drop Off.

From $79.95 to $160.00 Based on Size and Condition.


Clean all Windows, Vacuum Floors and Seats, Wet Wipe Interior Vinyl and Plastic (no Brush), Wet Wipe Leather Seats, Clean all Mats: Shampoo Carpet Mats, and Clean Rubber Mats.


Hand Wash, Hand Dry, Wipe out Jams, Seal Wax, Under Wash, Hydro Wax, Dress Tires, Wheel Brite Rims, Clean Chrome Wheels, Bumpers, Trim, Etc.

* All Vehicle Pricing Subject to Change based on Size, Time Allowed and Condition, at the rate of $65/Hour Beyond Package Pricing.

The Classic 4-5 Hours Coupe and Sedans Start at $285.00*
Full Service Car Wash 5-6 Hours Crossovers Start at $325.00*
Polish N' Wax 6-7 Hours Mid Size ,3rd Row and Half Ton $390.00*
Complete Interior Clean 7-8 Hours Full-Size SUV's $455.00*
Includes Shampooing Seats & Carpet
Trunk Vacuumed
Motor Cleaned High Speed Buffing $65 per hour
Complete Interior Clean 2- 3 Hours Coupe and Sedans Start at $165.00*
Full Service Car Wash 3-4 Hours Crossovers Start at $185.00*
Complete Interior Clean 4-5 Hours Mid Size, 3rd Row and Half Ton $230.00*
Includes Shampooing Seats & Carpet 5-6 Hours Full Size / SUV / Truck $295.00*
Trunk Vacuumed
Buff N' Shine Package 2-3 Hours Coupes and Sedans Start at $165.00*
Full Service Car Wash 3-4 Hours Mid Size and Half Ton $195.00*
Polish N' Wax 4+ Hours Full Size / SUV / Truck $235.00*
Under Chassis Bath
Rust Inhibitor
Special Wheel Cleaner
Tire Dressing High Speed Buffing - $65 Hour
Just Wax 1-1.5 Hours Coupes and Sedans $105.00*
Full Service Car Wash 1.5-2 Hours Mid Size and Half Ton $125.00*
Hand Wax, Dress Tires 2+Hours Full Size / SUV / Truck $150.00*
Ozone Smell Away $59.95*
Removes Pet, Mold, With Detail $39.95*
Mildew, Cigarette Smell,
And Other Smells Away
Time: 1.5 to 3 Hours
Additional Services
Paint Seal $65.00
Fabric Protectant Car $39.95
Fabric Protectant SUV & Van $49.95
Vinyl/Leather Protectant Car $35.95
Vinyl/Leather Protectant SUV & Van $55.95
Motor Detailing $42.95
High Speed Buffing/Clay Bar By Estimate
Tar/Sap & Paint Overspray Removal By Estimate
Chrome Cleaning By Estimate
Carpet Dying By Estimate
Custom Cleaning Services $65.00 per hour
Boats/Rv's per man $65.00 per hour per man