Light Mechanical Work

Oil changes, Brake Pads, Belts and other mechanical work.

We offer Top of the line Oil Changes.

Standard Oil Changes Starting at $48.95  Semi Oil Changes $82.25 and Full Synthetic Oil Change $89.95 

Oil change includes 5 quartz of standard oil/semi/synthetic cam-2 oil. Depending on what package you purchase. 

Premium filter.

Inspection of all lights, belts, fluids, and brakes.

Exterior wash with under wash.

Free Car Wash with any Service!


Stop in to see prices. 

All other light Mechanic Services $95.00 per hour:






(Labor Pro Rated to Half Rate)

We use Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants.

Diesel Oil Change (Price may very due to Model)

We carry most Schaeffer’s products:

5/20, 15/40, 20/50 Vtwin, 5/30, 5/40

Fuel System Treatments

Grease and Lubricants

Gear Lubes and Cleaners